Fall Field Trips Coming Soon!

We are getting excited because we are headed on our first of many fall field trips with the local homeschool group! Tomorrow we are headed to Maple View Farms in Hillsborough, NC and we are excited about that one! This is the same farm that we get our milk from at Whole Foods in Raleigh, NC so this will be fun to learn all about Dairy and then to learn about some other things too! This afternoon I took advantage of the Subway coupon I had received in the mail for 4 6″ subs for $10! What a Steal y’all! So now you know what we are taking for lunch tomorrow!

After the field trip is over we will check out the shop down the road and then head to Whole Foods and probably grab some milk from there and a few other things we need! There are a few things that I love to get from Whole Foods only because of the quality from there! Then on Thursday we are headed to another local farm called Rose Hill where the Nash Forestry will be putting on a display for the county! This again will coincide with what Olivia is learning about in science and it’s Free! I’ll take it and it’s only 5 minutes if not less from the house! Olivia then has another outing with the homeschool group for roller skating so we might be able to take advantage of that if we are in town. I know I have to go have blood work that day so not sure if we will make it back in time or not. We shall see I guess.

Olivia is enjoying her classes so much more than when we had her in the private school and we are glad we decided to pull her back out and homeschool her. The lessons she learns each day and the adventures she gets to embark on via the homeschool group and with our family is so much more this year than last year! We are glad we decided to join CHARM again this year! Needless to say if we stay around here we will be joining again next year!!! No questions asked!

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