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Surya Brasil Nail Polish Review

*This is a sponsored post. I was sent the product for free as compensation in return for an honest review of the product. All my opinions are my honest review of the product and 100% my own.*

Are you a girly girl? Honestly…I’ve never been one but lately I have been trying to be more feminine. I have been trying to get Olivia interested into having her nails done but so far it’s a no go. She could honestly care less about it and that’s what I love about my child. But I have found some nail polish that she has fallen in love with just because it does have to do with animals. SURYA Brasil’s Exotic Animal Nail Polish Collection is the perfect addition to your nail polish collection! The bright, vibrant colors make a great addition to your collection and honestly especially with us living in the south some of the colors we could wear year-round.

SURYA Brasil Nail Polish is pretty amazing stuff y’all! I have fallen in love with two of the colors that we were sent and I am pretty sure that we will be ordering us a few other colors as well for next summer. The three colors that we were sent to try out were Red & Green Macaw, Chamelon, and Anteater. Red & Green Macaw is a very bright and vibrant red. I’m not much of a red person for wearing it on my nails but this color is so fun to wear! Chamelon is a Metallic Green color and this one is Olivia’s favorite color of course! She said she liked it because it was the color green! And the last color we received was Anteater which is a brown color and this is a great fall color! This is definitely a color my sister would wear often but not much like me and Olivia. Another reason that I like this nail polish is that it is Vegan Friendly which is great for a lot of my friends back home! It also is free from 7 different things.


  • NO Camphor
  • NO DBP
  • NO Formaldehyde
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Toluene
  • NO ingredients of animal origin
  • NO animal testing

How awesome is that?!!!! I’m pretty impressed with this company so far and I’m just even more impressed with the price of the bottles. For each bottle they are $12.00 and they also have other products like nail polish remover as well. This is very important to me as a company as a whole! Another thing is they have hair care products and skin care products which is another reason I like this company even more! To purchase your own nail polish and to view more colors please click here.


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