And We Are…Homeschooling Again!!

Well I know that must be a shocker for most of you. But we gave it a shot and I won’t talk bad about the school she was going to but it just wasn’t for her and us. We were already having issues with the school and it just wasn’t a good fit. So we have decided to stick with homeschooling until Olivia graduates school. She is actually excited about it. We are doing Abeka Academy this year and not the accredited one because we didn’t want her to feel rushed at all. I’m glad that we have decided to do this as well.

So as you can tell her curriculum will be Abeka but in handwriting she will be continuing to do Handwriting without Tears Cursive Writing! No big deal here! We decided to take her books that she had gotten from the private school and consign them at the local homeschool store. We then in return purchased the whole kit from Abeka Academy and were able to make payments on the kit and the tuition as well so that works for us instead of having to come out of pocket for everything up front like we did with the private school. And we still didn’t have the teachers manuals and the test keys and what not. So this is a better deal in our opinion. Next year we may just do the same thing! We also chose to do the DVD Video lessons as well which will be wonderful for Olivia in case I need to take a break or something.

We will be receiving the rest of her books on Thursday and will begin school on Monday the 11th. Olivia has had a good week to get things together and she is looking forward though to beginning school again. Even if it is at home. We already have a field trip planned out with a few other local homeschooling families to a local farm for Homeschool Day. Can’t wait for that to roll around! Yay! We shall have a good time for that! Have you already started school? Or when are you beginning classes for your homeschool?

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