Spa Sensations 8″ Memory Foam Mattress Review

We decided that it was time to get a new bed in our room. Well we knew it was time to get one and I’m sure having to listen to me complain that my body hurts all the time after I wake up and that I didn’t sleep well didn’t help either with Jason. So a few weeks ago he came to me and asked if I wanted to go get a new bed? I was like, “Can we afford it?” Who was I kidding? We had enough in savings, the other checking and in the safe so I figured we were safe to go get a new bed. He asked me what size did I want. We had what I thought was a Queen sized but I still think it wasn’t a true queen after having it for 5 years!!!

We had gone back and forth on what size we wanted and when we went to Walmart, we thought we were going to get a queen sized bed for us again. Nope…I decided at the last minute to get a King Sized Bed for us. We both needed and wanted the extra room on the bed and it’s so nice to have. We thought about where we were going to allow the bed to expand overnight and we decided to allow it to expand in the back room/playroom. As you can tell I had to try it out first before my husband had to while it was expanding!

We got up the next morning and my hips were killing me again which is becoming a normal occurrence for me each day. So the first thing that I started to bug Jason about was putting up the new bed. I was a little concerned about where everything was going to go but good news is I found a place for it. We had to do some rearranging and I finally have a place for my craft supplies which is under the bed! Yay! No more hoarding them in the corner of the room. It’s a big deal for me because I am a craft hoarder and I can’t seem to get rid of my things because I will need it after I get rid of them.

We took the old bed down and put into the Tundra and then set up the platform bed that we got from Walmart as well. I’m glad we decided on this one too. I will make the headboard at a later date when it gets cooler out. Then it was time to move the mattress onto the frame. I washed the sheets and I decided to go ahead and make the bed on up. I’m glad that we decided on the sheets too because Jason wanted to get Camo sheets for the bed. No thank you! Not for our bed! Maybe in his truck or for camping but not for our nice new bed. We have been sleeping on the bed for a few weeks now and I’m still having issues with my hips hurting and my whole body hurting but I am still trying to figure out from the Dr what that could be caused from. Still more testing going on there. The one complaint that I have to say about the bed is that it does not stay on the frame very well. It wants to slide off during the night so I’m thinking when we move we will upgrade to a new bed frame all together instead. Other than that it’s a good bed. I would like a bed that is a little softer and not so hard. To me I don’t like my body limbs going numb during the night but Jason does sleep a lot better and no complaints from him saying his back hurts him all day long. That’s a plus I guess. For those of you on a budget, then this mattress is the one for you. We will most likely get another kind of mattress once we move out on our own again but for now this will work and this will most likely stay in the guest bedroom when we do get our own place next year.

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