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How to Make A Little Extra Money

I have been looking at making a little extra money these days since I have decided not to go back to school and since putting Olivia into school. One thing that I decided to do was to sell some of my old college textbooks. I had done this before a long time ago but forgot about it and decided to try my hand at it again. Well I put about 11 textbooks on and let it be. I sold 1 textbook the very next day of listing some of the books and packed up the book and shipped it on out to it’s new owner out west! Then I late last night I got another notification that I sold another book. Well hot dog!! That’s another sale and more money into my pocket.


If you have never used before it’s ebay’s version of textbooks, books, music and dvd’s that you can sell and get extra money for. I love it because it in the past week has helped me get almost an extra $100 and that’s just for 2 textbooks that I didn’t pay a lot for. I love this! Maybe I should have listed Olivia’s homeschool books up here instead of taking them up for consignment. Either way I still make money off of the books so I’m good there. When I sell on though they do reimburse me for some of the shipping cost but do take a commission out on the sale. Not too bad though. I know that it may not seem like a lot to some but hey, this could be the cost of a new purse or even put away towards savings for a trip or house!

So here is a question for the day…What do you do to make a little extra money?

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