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Sky Zone Birthday Party

We have been looking at places to have Olivia’s birthday party for a few months now. We were lucky enough to have gotten a spot at Sky Zone in Raleigh and we just had it yesterday! We were able to get this party for free of charge in exchange for our honest opinions. They even accommodated us into letting us have the party on a Saturday and not during the week! This was even better since she had a good turnout of family. Her friends could not make it and we understood even though she was a little upset that none of her friends could com!

We set the party up about a month ago and we were able to send out the invitations online. We received the Jump Around Birthday Party Package and it includes:

  • 11 Jumpers that included the Birthday Girl
  • 1 Hour of jumping time
  • SkySocks for each jumper
  • Access to the Foam Pit and Sky Slam
  • 2 Large Pizzas (we chose cheese)
  • 1 bottle of water per guest
  • 40 minutes in the Private Party Room (we were in Launching Pad Room)
  • Sky Zone Party Host (Alexis was amazing!!!)
  • Sky Zone Raleigh T-Shirt for the Birthday Girl
  • Plates, Napkins, cups and utensils
  • Party Room Set up and Clean Up
  • Full Color online Invitations (and you could print them out too)

The party host was amazing and I highly recommend requesting Alexis!!! She did an amazing job and I was happy to give her a great tip! Also we upgraded the drinks from waters to sodas and we got a few extra drinks too for others. Also we added another large cheese pizza and we even took home the left over pizza! Y’all it was so good!!! They even had birthday candles too since I left the ones I got at home.

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I think we will be going back to Sky Zone because I loved the set up of the park there. I loved how the adults and kids had their own jumping area and it was nice because they also had ref’s there to keep the kids from running all over other trampolines while others were on it. There was an area for the toddlers and so my nephew Brayden got to jump in his own little area too without being clobbered by the older children. The foam pit was awesome and if you got stuck, they had people there to get you out of it! Perfect!!! Dodge ball looked fun and so did the Sky Slam too! Everyone jumped and had a blast and I did not hear once “I’m Bored” and “I want to stop jumping!” And I felt that even on a Saturday afternoon it was no too crowded to where Olivia felt overwhelmed! How nice was that!!! This is one jump park that we will be returning to and next time I hope that I can jump too!!!

Thank you to Sky Zone and to US Family Guide for allowing us to have the party! We will be returning soon!!!

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