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True Natural “Perfect Tan” Review

Are you someone who has used sunless tanning lotions before and it would streak or look orange looking to you? I have and I know a few others who it happened to as well. I am always looking for a clean way to get that “perfect tan” each year and last summer I did not achieve it from being outside! This year since we have already been warm for a while, then got cold and now warm again, I have a feeling that I will be spending more time outdoors than last year! But I burn easily especially on my face and so I have to use a ton of sunscreen! But when I use a lot of sunscreen I don’t get tan very quickly! I’d love to head to the beach for a few days next month and so I was very lucky to get a sample from True Natural “Perfect Tan” to be able to review. I received two samples and I feel in love with it already!


This sunless tanner came in the color medium so I went from being pale to having a tan! Sweet!! Just what I needed! Now I just need to get more so I don’t look pale again! This is streak free which is a big plus to me because I have used some of the other sunless tanners in the stores and they turned orange on my skin! Eeekk!! Not how I want to start the season out! And while I don’t recommend tanning beds to others, I have gone in the past to get my “starter tan” and to help dry out the lesions when I have a breakout of the shingles! Helps me a lot there! But I don’t want to see my skin become leather looking either and so I decided that this year on top of me using regular sunscreen during the summer, until I get my actual tan, I will use this sunless tanner! Amazing! I like this one too because it is gluten free and it will last up to 1 week!


I plan on ordering some soon but until I can I will lay outside for a while and use my unGodly amount of sunscreen instead! To order your own True Natural go to today! It’s not too expensive either which is another reason I like it!

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