Great Smokey Mountains & Cades Cove

Have you ever visited the Great Smokey Mountains or Cades Cove before? We have gone the past two years for Olivia’s birthday weekend and this year I’m not sure we will get to go. We love to travel and go to new places or stay in new places whenever we go to places we’ve already been to. This past year when we took Olivia and her best friend, Kennedy to Pigeon Forge, TN and we decided to stay in a new resort or hotel compared to where we stayed the previous year. We stayed at Dollywood DreamMore Resort and it was absolutely beautiful!!!! It really reminded me of the Grand Floridian Resort at Walt Disney World and I would stay here in a heartbeat again! It was so close to everything and a lot closer to the Great Smokey National Park which we had to visit and we also went to Dixie Stampede and then we went to Cades Cove as well before heading home to North Carolina.

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If you have never been to the Great Smokey National Park, I highly recommend it! Normally on the weekends they have things for the kids to do! Olivia and Kennedy enjoyed the small activities that they had to do and we explored the park a little bit before heading back to town to explore things more. We had tickets to go to Dixie Stampede on Friday night, arrived and apparently the person that I spoke to on the phone changed the plans to Saturday and didn’t tell us. So we ended up getting a pretty nice upgrade and it was so awesome!!!We even got front row seats which was well worth the mix up!!!!!

Cades Cove is an amazing place to visit! It’s free to get into unless you want a guide, then you pay $1 for the guide that will be used for the drive through the park. We love going to Cades Cove and this is a must visit to the trip! We always have enjoyed visiting there and if we could spend longer time there then we would. I’m hoping that one year we will visit there for an entire week and to explore it all! Just couldn’t do it the past few years and most likely won’t get to go this April either!


One place that we’d love to go is to a beach somewhere other than North Carolina or South Carolina! I have never taken Olivia to the beach in Florida. I remember visiting Clearwater Beach with my parents back in 1996 when we went to Florida for our vacation and we had a blast. One of my best friends lives in Tallahassee and has been begging me to come down and visit and Jason used to live in Pensacola which I think is pretty cool. I have never been to the panhandle of Florida and we have talked about visiting Destin Beach because we have been told it’s family friendly which I’m up for going to try a new beach as a family!

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