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Backyard Design Ideas for a Small Yard

Backyard Design Ideas for a Small Yard

With a large back yard, you have a lot of design options, but a small back yard can present challenges. If you live in a house or condo with limited backyard space, it may be more difficult to come with great design ideas for your backyard construction projects. However, with a little imagination and creative planning, you can turn your small back yard into a beautiful outdoor space.

Create Comfortable Gathering Areas

With a small back yard, you may may not have room to build a deck or patio. By using outdoor pavers, you can create a comfortable gathering spot in the yard or adjacent to the house for outdoor activities. Outdoor pavers come in concrete, stone, brick and clay tiles in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They can be installed quickly without grout or mortar since their weight keeps them firmly in place. Choose a comfortable spot in your back yard, cover the area with sand or landscaping fabric to create a level surface, then lay pavers down end to end. That’s it!

Buy Multi-Purpose Furniture

Since space is limited in a small back yard, choose multi-functional furnishings. Large sectional sofas, bulky lounge chairs, and outdoor dining sets that seat 10 people just won’t work. Instead, look for comfortable chairs and ottomans that are lightweight and easy to move around. Purchase side tables and large planters that can function as stools when you need extra seating. For dining, find a stylish folding table that can be store when it’s not being used. For outdoor storage needs, look for benches with storage under the seat where you can store cozy throws, pillows and outdoor accessories.

Build Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are great for growing small plots of plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs. Since beds are raised, they prevent soil compaction, provide good drainage, reduce weed growth, and help to prevent plant damage caused by outdoor pests like snails and slugs. When you plant in raised garden beds, rather than directly in the ground, the soil stays warmer year-round, so plants are less likely to freeze during cold weather. Raised garden beds can be built in any size and shape that fits your back yard. If you’re handy, you can build them yourself. If not, you can find affordable, ready-made garden beds in natural cedar, composite and plastic materials at most garden or home improvement stores.

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