We’ve Not Left…

Whew! The start of the new year has brought on some great things for us so far but we have not left the building as of yet. So since I last wrote some things have been happening for Jason and it’s good but I’m not ready to talk about it yet. But Olivia is loving school still and I have started classes back up only with Campbell University! I’m so blessed to be a Camel now and I love being able to go on campus whenever I need to! I love knowing that I can head to the campus anytime I need to and work on something for class. I love my two teachers too and they are both awesome to learn from! One class I already have an A in and the other one as well. So far so good! I also love being able to go to one of my classes every other week so that is really nice too.

Olivia is plugging away in her classes and she loves her math now! We have decided to go with Abeka all next year as she needs a structured curriculum and that is good for her. We can still do other things for school with her but she will be on a more structured schedule too. Plus with not knowing if we are able to go on vacation in November this year we are still on the fence there. I’d love to go the Sunday after Thanksgiving but we aren’t so sure yet. We shall see the closer the time comes. We’d love to use our Timeshare too while down there so we shall see. Praying we can find something for when we’d like to go to Disney World! Plus I’m not sure what my school schedule will look like then either.


We have also been trying to eat healthier too in our family and we have been eating at home a lot. Ever since I got my test results back from the Dr last week, I need to lose weight! I need to change my eating habits and that means getting more fresh fruits and veggies and less fried things! We’re going to try a few new recipes over the weekend and I can’t wait for that! Even Olivia is excited about it!

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