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Rockin’ Baby Sling Review

Ever since Brayden was born, it was kind of crazy because he loves to be held especially when I have things I have to do like cook lunch for him or dinner. I was asked to review Rockin’ Baby Pouch and I hopped on the opportunity! Ever since we received this he loves to be held and/or ride on my hip. He also loves to ride on my mom’s hip as well in which we were able to grab a few pictures of him enjoying it with mom.

I am so happy with using a Reversible Pouch to carry Brayden in if we are out and about. Especially on the days that he doesn’t want to ride in the stroller. I have another kind of pouch that I tried to use with him but he didn’t care for it and I was alright with that. This is a much more comfortable pouch and we love it. The color that I received was Mod Olive and I love the color. It is good for a dad to use but also a mom to use as well. And it doesn’t have to be gender specific either which is another reason I like this color. These pouches are good because of the zipper interlocking system that can be used to customize which is amazing!


Rockin’ Baby not only has the Reversible Pouches but have Single Ply Slings and Reversible Slings which is a great option for many out there. We have used a Sling one time before and the one we used was not user friendly so I just got mad at it and refused to use it. But after seeing how easy it was to use the reversible pouch and by some of my friends who baby carry often, I know that using a sling is a lot easier for the younger ages. Brayden is now 2 and he is a little bigger than other 2 year olds. So I’m ok with that and using the pouch has been magic for us! We bring it with us when we go shopping and put it in the stroller just in case we need it.


About Rockin’ Baby

Rockin’ Baby was founded in 2002 to provide stylish baby slings to fashionable moms. In 2011, Kathryn Wiley purchased the brand with a mission to transform it into a one-for-one philanthropic business model. At the time, the Haiti crisis had just occurred. For every baby sling they sold, Rockin’ Baby donated one to an earthquake-stricken mother in Haiti. Since then, they’ve expanded to include even more beautiful slings and a fashionable childrenswear collection for babies and toddlers. As always, all of their products come with their “You Buy. We Give.” guarantee.


I highly suggest getting this product for anyone who has a baby, is pregnant or just knows of someone who may need it. If only I had known about baby wearing when Olivia was born in 2004 because baby wearing could have really helped with her medical problems she had!


I did receive the reversible pouch from Rockin’ Baby in order to help facilitate my review! All my opinions are 100% my own!

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