myCharge HubPlus Review

Did you receive a good gift this year for Christmas? Or was there something that you really wanted and didn’t get? As much as I travel, it’s sometimes hard to find an on the go charger that I really like. I was recently given the opportunity to review a new on the go charger for my phone and tablet and I love it. It’s from myCharge and I love how easy it is to charge and use on the go. I have a tendency to drain my batteries and this is perfect for keeping it charged while on the go! I received the HubPlus to review and here are my thoughts on it.

I love how easy it is to charge by just plugging into an outlet and letting it charge on up. No more need to find a cord to charge it via a USB charger. This is great because when I travel now I don’t have to worry about having to bring along extra chargers just to give it some juice! Also I love this because it has two built in chargers one is for an iPhone with a lightning cable and the other is for a Micro USB cable which can come in handy if you have an android phone or something that takes that cord like maybe a camera or something. Then I love how I can charge my iPad too with the same charger and just bring an extra cord along with me in my bag or purse. This charger can charge up to 4 times more than my other chargers can which I love that. I used it one day and my phone was at 10% and the next thing I knew it was back up to 30% which was great! I just wish they came in different colors but that was my only complaint. I highly recommend this charger for all those who travel as much as I do or just want something to take along with you to class or to work. You can never be so sure when your battery on your smartphone or device will become low! You can get your own HubPlus here! This would make a great birthday present or Christmas Present for next year!


I did receive the HubPlus free to be able to facilitate my review, but all my opinions are my own!

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