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Beginner’s Bible Review & Giveaway

I remember when Olivia was just graduating from Pre-K, she was given a Beginner’s Bible and that honestly has stayed on her bookshelf since then. She would get it out and read it daily and she was so proud of herself at the time. We do still have that Bible today and she sometimes will bring it out and read in it because it’s much simpler than her new Bible.

The one thing that I loved about this Bible is that it has amazing stories in it about Jesus and all of the important stories you must know. I decided that instead of giving the Beginner’s Bible that we just received away as a gift, I was going to keep it for the house so that when we wanted to read to Brayden, it would be his to read instead. He loves listening to us read to him and this was the perfect Bible for him to learn out of. When we do Bible lessons, we do Bible lessons with him as well out of his Bible! This Bible has been a favorite for with young children and parents since 1989. I think I had this Bible or my brother had it too and I’m sure we have that one somewhere as well around the house. This Bible is perfect for children who are 6 & under and with the beautiful illustrations in the book, it’s perfect for them to follow along with you. You should check out their Facebook, Official Website and Twitter accounts.


Since we have enjoyed the Bible at home, I wanted my readers to be able to enjoy reading along with you little one’s with the Beginner’s Bible. All entries must be received by 1/12/17.

I was sent my very own copy of the Bible by Flyby Promotions to be able to facilitate my review. All my opinions are 100% my own!


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