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Busy Holiday Season Already!

Now that the holiday’s are upon us, it’s been extremely busy for us. Since Thanksgiving has come and gone, we have been blessed to have Jason go through Training Engineer class and he is now an TE for Schneider. This is one of his dream jobs and he is going to do it while driving. One of his goals is to become a classroom instructor and while he can’t wait for that it means that we will most likely move out of state for it. I’m excited for that and we have already talked about where he should go and there are like 2 places that we both have agreed on. I’m not going to say where but one is right where we want to be one day and it wouldn’t be so bad living there! Then I could get my dream house there with a basement.

But life is even more busy as I watch my nephew now and so life is super crazy busy. I am also trying to figure out how I will teach Olivia school on these days and how to handle life with a 2 year old in our lives during the days I have him. I thankfully have him on a schedule whenever he’s here which is nice. Then there is the fact that I have been accepted to Campbell University and I am excited to get started with school in the classroom again. I will only have to go to class 1 day a week for now until I get into some of my other math classes. This will be good for me and I know that taking these classes in the classroom will be good no matter what.

This week our goal is to make sugar cookies and this is something that we love to do during the holidays. What are your traditions that you love to do during the holiday’s?

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