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Medieval Times is a Must!!!

Last night we had the pleasure of going to Medieval Times in Myrtle Beach, SC. We drove down the Myrtle Beach which was about a 3 hour trip down and we even made it there early. I had never been to Medieval Times before but my husband has and he kept telling me that we would love it. He was right! We did stop off near Tabor City to grab a quick bite to eat before the show since we had another 2 hours before the show was to start. As soon as we arrived we were about 40 minutes early so we decided to just chill in the car about 20 minutes then we went and stood in line for another few minutes before the doors opened. The doors opened promptly at 4:45pm and we were soon sent to the will call ticket line. There was one other person in the line before us but then it was our turn! We received the Royalty Package for myself, Jason and Olivia and we were placed in the Blue Section at Table 1. Down in front which was amazing!


We were then brought into a main area where we could have ordered drinks in a mug or alcoholic drinks. You can also purchase souvenirs in which we did purchase a hat for Olivia in which she wore while at the show. Soon the Royal announcement was made for the Kings Royalty to be showed into the area. Next it was our turn to be shown to our seats. We didn’t have far to go and it was extremely fun to sit right up front! Reminded us of our last seating at Dixie Stampede back in April where we had front row seats. Only thing is the area is a lot smaller in which Olivia didn’t feel so overwhelmed with the large crowd when it was time to leave. After we were seated, we were soon served with Tomato Bisque which I loved! I’m normally not a tomato soup kinda girl but I really loved this! After I finished mine up, we were given the chance to have another bowl in which I obliged by. Next up was our garlic bread and I was given two because I had a mini piece. We couldn’t leave home without having our own bottle of ketchup and the waiter was very impressed we had one since they didn’t have in Medieval Times. We also were given a choice of Pepsi or water and I chose Pepsi of course. Olivia chose sierra mist which is normal for her. The one thing that I wish we were given was more refills. I felt like I had to sip on my drink instead of getting it refilled. Then we were served the chicken which was amazing and not dry at all and then corn on the cob and a potato wedge. Mmm…the final course was a lemon pound cake which was good but not my favorite.


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Next it was time for the show and the details of the show was amazing! The show was unlike any other one I have seen before. I have to say that its one of the best I’ve seen. It reminded me of when we went to the Renn Festival last year around this time. We had more fun with it. The show was fun with the jousting and with the sword fights. The different horses was pretty amazing too. Jason told me that our little helpers looked like hobbits and bless him at times. He was doing a quote from The Cable Guy the entire time and he was also screaming, Down Down Down, Red Knight Going Down. Oh yes, the joys of my husband coming along but we had more fun that way! I loved during the show that the knights handed out flowers in which Olivia got one too. And they got to choose a queen of the tournament too in which Olivia was chosen as well. This was so good for her considering that she has some special needs. Medieval Times is perfect for taking kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder to. Because it’s so much smaller compared to the larger shows in Myrtle Beach, SC this didn’t make her anxiety or meltdowns happen. We enjoyed the show so much! The green knight won and Olivia had to meet him at the end of show because her last name is Greene.


We also purchased the picture of where Olivia became Queen. It was a must get photo. You receive in the Royalty Package a VIP Lanyard, a Cheering Banner, A Kings Towel, VIP Access, VIP Seating and more! I loved the package we received! This is something that I would definitely do again maybe this summer!






Now here is the cool thing! Right now I am able to offer all my readers their own discount to be able to visit any show near you! Our offer is adults $36.95 and children (12 and under) $29.95 with the code MT3629 through 2/28/17. Click here for the amazing offer!

Thank you to Medieval Times and USFG for allowing us to go experience the show! This is a keeper for us to go to again in the future! img_4001img_4165


This would make a perfect gift for anyone who is looking for a fun time to visit for family fun! Remember Christmas is coming!


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