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Sentence Diagramming: Beginning Review

Language Arts {The Critical Thinking Co.™}
Do you children struggle with the language arts portion of school? Olivia has recently struggled and while I tried to get the public school teachings out of her head, she still had them impounded in there. Ugh. Can I say that trying to get over what the teachers taught via Common Core has been horrible! I mean it too! But thankfully we were able to do a review on a book called Sentence Diagramming: Beginning by The Critical Thinking Co.™ for grades 3rd-12th!

Language Arts {The Critical Thinking Co.™}
Sentence Diagramming has always been a struggle for Olivia but with the help of this book, we have started over and we are now actually understanding how a sentence is built. It starts out with the easy sentences such as Simple Subject and Main Verbs and then works its way up to where you can work on compound predicate adjectives and nouns! This is something that when I was Olivia’s age, I struggled with and now wonder where was this book when I was younger? This book is a good starting point for elementary students and can be used all the way up through 12th grade. I mean even when I was in high school, my teachers continued to quiz us on how a sentence is built but I never even realized that I was learning how to sentence diagram.


One thing that I absolutely love about this book is that it is easy to use and teach. It’s not confusing like some of the other books that I had gotten this year at the homeschool store here locally and Olivia actually understands it. This is a big thing because ever since we started to homeschool, I didn’t know how to break down a sentence for Olivia. This has taught me that you can break down a sentence to help you understand it better. It really puts it into terms that she can use for the future. The picture above shows you an example of what the book does and shows you that it’s much easier to break down a sentence to understand it compared to what I was taught in school or not taught in school over 17 years ago! Geez…now that I think about it that was a long time ago! But I want my daughter to be taught the right way and not by what the government is trying to teach our children.

Language Arts {The Critical Thinking Co.™}
Another thing that I have checked out for when the time comes if we have another child is taking a look at what other products The Critical Thinking Co.™ has to offer. Some other Homeschool Review Crew members got to review other products such as Alphabet Song Game™ Software – 2-PCs Win Download for Toddler -1st, Vowel Sounds Song and Game™ Software – 2-PCs Win Download for PreK-2nd grade. That is great news because my mom took a look at both and she said that the would work even in her classroom that she is in now for school which is kindergarten. You should check out their Facebook Page, Google + Account and Pinterest Account as well for more information! I am looking forward to using our book as part of a main stay product for each year we homeschool!

The Critical Thinking Co.™ has been around since 1958, and I love the other products that they do have. I was able to review this product from The Critical Thinking Co.™ and as part of the Homeschool Review Crew! All my opinions are 100% my own!

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