New Lessons…Changed Curriculum some

Yesterday we went up to Raleigh to the Homeschool store and put up on consignment a few things that we figured was going to work perfect for Olivia that I had gotten at the beginning of the school year that just wasn’t working out for her. I also decided to change up her English a little because I felt she needed a little more structure than she has been getting. We loved using the Writings in Residence with her but she seemed like she wasn’t grasping it enough for her to understand it so we decided to hold on to the books and let her try again next year with it. Then we found the books that we wanted to use with her which happened to be Abeka Language Arts, Spelling, Vocabulary and Reading. This is something that for Olivia I feel needs more structure. I’m so happy with the first day of lessons that went so much smoother compared to the past few month which have been like pulling teeth for her to do her work. So the spelling that we were doing hasn’t been working and the reading that we were doing either wasn’t working. I’m so happy we have all the books that we got yesterday.

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