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Christmas Comes to America {Once-a-Week Unit Study} Review


We love it when Halloween is over with and that only means one thing in our household! That means that we can officially put up our Christmas Tree, break out the Christmas CD’s and watch all the Christmas movies! I love getting in the mood of the holiday spirit and that includes breaking out the Kitchenaid Mixer and getting in the baking spirit too. But now that that has happened and it’s officially time to get started on some of the history that comes along with Christmas. We were very lucky to review Christmas Comes to America from Homeschool Legacy and as part of the Homeschool Review Crew.

I love doing Unit Studies with Olivia because I love how I can interact and engage her into lessons that puts her into the mood and time period of the lessons. While we were looking over the lessons for Christmas Comes to America, I loved looking at the different materials that we can use for the lessons. We just started up using the lessons a few weeks ago and we are so extremely excited to Finish. One of the video’s that we were able to watch was “The Nativity” which happens to be a great classic movie to watch about how Christmas came about and the birth of Jesus. But I also love how another movie on the list happens to be “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” which is another classic within our family. This Unit Study is good for grades 2-12 which is something that I love!! We can do this every single year during the Christmas season!!!

The Once-a-Week Unit Study is broken into 4 weeks and they are:

  • Week 1: The Dutch
  • Week 2: The English
  • Week 3: The Germans
  • Week 4: An American Christmas

Each week has different lesson plans that we can complete and we can do different activities as well. One thing that during the Christmas season is we start doing lots of crafts for different family members which I love to do. We do love giving away homemade gifts and using some of the activities such as make your own Christmas cards. This is something that we haven’t done in a long time but it will be something that Olivia would enjoy doing for some of her family members. Another thing that I love is that each week it includes for you to listen to music, watch different movies, and even to do the arts and crafts and make foods. We plan on making different packages with hot cocoa mix in them as we love to give these to our family members each year. But this year we will make it just as The Dutch did in the older years. Another thing that we are super excited about is how we can use this to study the Bible readings as well. I love how it also will tell you to show on a map of where some of the countries are, states and the history of each week. One thing that has really gotten me interested in two of the weeks is that my grandfather is from the Pennsylvania Dutch area and this is something that is actually talked about this in the unit study!!! My maiden name is German and this is something that makes me happy when we started to study this!

There are other unit studies out there that other Homeschool Review Crew members got to review such as Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims, Many Nations, and Cooking Up History with our Founding Presidents. We are looking at getting the Cooking Up History with our Founding Presidents to do in the spring time with Olivia. The price of the Christmas Comes to America for the Downloadable Book is $14.00. That is very affordable for our family and for a lot of families as well. You can always check out their Facebook Page.

This is one study that I can’t wait to finish up with our family!!! I was able to review this unit study as part of the Homeschool Review Crew. All my opinions are 100% my own.

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