Bring on the Cooler Weather!

Lately it has been a little warm for the past week but today the weather has changed and I’m loving the change! I love it when it’s warm out but honestly since it’s fall, I have been wanting for it to get cooler! That means bonfires with friends and families, hiking in the mountains, traveling to the mountains and enjoying the cooler weather!


So I’m saying it right now! Bring on the cooler weather! I’m enjoying it! This summer was just way too hot to enjoy it and I honestly didn’t want to go enjoy it at all. I didn’t feel like gong to the beach this year which is really different compared to how I have felt in other years! I am going to enjoy this fall and this winter! I’m hoping we get some snow so we can enjoy it and I’m even thinking of going to the mountains to go tubing this winter! Maybe skiing too if I can help it. Not sure yet if I will get to ski but just to go and enjoy it I will be happy. What do you enjoy during this season?

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