DIY Dog Ear Wipes

One thing that I hate doing is paying an arm and a leg for something that I won’t use a lot but will use enough times on Yoda. Lately we have been trying to stick to a budget and that means kind of cutting out taking Yoda to the groomer. But have no fear because I have made it a plan to at least give him a bath every few weeks and all that.

I went to Petsmart today to pick up some ear cleaner or the ear cleaner Wipes and was shocked at the price of them! I could not believe the price of either one of them. Then when we went to Walmart there too I was ashamed to say that they had only the ear swabs but no Wipes or cleaning solution. Ugh! Seriously?! So I thought back to when my sister had her dog Possum, she got tired of buying the ear Wipes and cleaner and started making her own. So that’s exactly what I did!

Here is all you need:

  • 70% rubbing alcohol
  • White distilled vinegar
  • A storage container
  • A measuring cup (I used a 1/3 cup)
  • Cotton pads or balls

All you do is mix an equal amount of the rubbing alcohol and white vinegar into the container that you are going to store the Wipes in. The add the pads into the container and allow them to soak up the mixture. Then close the container and you have your own Wipes for your pup or pups next time you need to clean their ears! It was so easy to make and honestly was the first time I have ever cleaned Yoda’s ears as they always do them at the groomers!
I hope you enjoy this fun and quick little DIY to do at home and help save you some $$!! I know just today it saved me a good $18 from the pet store!

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