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Online Christian Filmmakers Academy Review

Online Christian Filmmakers Academy {Family Gravity Media}
The one thing that Olivia has always loved to do is take videos of whether it be of her dancing, jamming or playing with her Littlest Pet Shops. Apparently that is the thing these days with a tween. I honestly didn’t know that and I was so happy when we were selected to be able to review this amazing service online called Online Christian Filmmakers Academy by Family Gravity Media, a division of Families for Christ Ministries, Inc. I was so excited to get started with Olivia on this. She may not be old enough to have a camera but we allowed her to have a phone and she has been making loads of videos that way.


The one thing that made me excited about this program was that even though it was online, it allowed both me and Olivia to learn how to go through the process of film making and if that is the path that one year she would like to continue to do then she will be wonderful at it. While watching the videos online with Zack Lawrence, I realized that he said in most of his videos to not let the information and sit but for you to go out and practice what you have just learned in that specific lesson. This is true for anyone who is learning film making or even dealing with photography like I do. This is a very important lesson to learn. We have gone through several of the lessons and have learned so much already. Olivia has been “practicing” on her pets and even on Yoda who doesn’t stay still which is a good thing for using a camera. It’s not like she’s taking a picture of him but she is recording him for a mini video of him. She loves chasing him around the yard or the house and I love seeing the happiness I see in her as she does this each time we watch a lesson. This is a very informational course to take online and is easy to do while at home. I love how Olivia is coming up with ways to incorporate this in the next time we go to Disney World so that she can come up with a pretty awesome movie for our family to watch.

Online Christian Filmmakers Academy {Family Gravity Media}
I love how this academy began! It started when a family was homeschooling their 4 children and they oldest son, Zack became interested in film making. So just like any father or parent would do they did some research on how to get their child started in something like this. The good thing was that Ken the dad had gone to college and studied Radio & TV Broadcasting. How lucky were these kids? Pretty lucky I tell ya! So Ken started studying along side with Zack in learning Christian Film making and even started to purchase the equipment to get ready to start filming. Through the years they have gone through some lessons themselves on learning how to be a successful filmmaker but not only just a regular filmmaker but one who is in the Christian Film making world. This is very important to me as a parent that my child continues to learn the good news and to continue to still be sheltered some. Or as much as I can as a parent. In 2012 is when they decided to start their camp and offer it online. They wanted to make sure that those who went through the online academy or the online camp would still be able to glorify Him through his praise no matter what. This is what I loved about this academy!!


Now comes the fun part….I now have a Canon XS which is an old DSLR more for the starter photographer but now a days you can get a wonderful DSLR that does video as well. This is what I am hoping to upgrade to and Olivia and I can make our own movies when we travel in which we do a lot these days. You don’t have to have just a video camera you can use a DSLR camera which is amazing and you can definitely get the different views. I already have several so we could just incorporate those our use on our new DSLR.


I highly suggest you check out the Online Christian Filmmakers Academy Facebook Page and the Online Christian Filmmakers Camp Facebook Page. Plus here is a little plus for all my readers, directly from Online Christian Filmmakers Academy they are offering to all my readers $100 coupon code off the regular price of $299. Please know that this coupon code is only good until November 30, 2016. The coupon code is: FALLCREW16


I did receive a full 12 month access to the Online Christian Filmmakers Academy from them and as part of the Homeschool Review Crew. All my opinions are 100% my own!


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