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Great Gas Mileage!

When I had my last van, Satan’s Cheriot as we nicked named it, the Dodge Grand Caravan, we struggled with getting good gas mileage with it on the highway. We thought that getting 24 MPG on the highway was great but then the mileage started to decrease on the van. So when we purchased the new van the Honda Odyssey Touring Elite we realized that we made the best decision a family could make. Our van was only rated to get around 28 mpg on the highway but honestly that was still wonderful considered we never received that on the other van.


This past weekend we went to the beach to visit our best friends and we got great gas mileage on the way down there. I want to say it was around 27 give or take a little but still wonderful. Then I filled up before heading back home in Leland, NC and I made it home with still 3/4 of a tank full. I was getting around 28 on the way home and I was so excited about that. But then we had to leave to head to Kernersville, NC to go get our free oil change. I was not going to back away from a free oil change and even though it was a 2 hour drive there it was completely worth it. They worked with us so well and it was a nice change to have a dealership work with your times since we lived so far away. Did I have to fill up before leaving…nope. I was still on half a tank of gas so we headed back home. On the way home I had gotten 32.6 miles to the gallon which was was completely amazed!!! Needless to say, I want to now make a trip down to Orlando just to see what kind of gas mileage we will get whenever it’s time to head down there for our family vacations. ?


So if you are looking for a wonderful vehicle and family friendly van definitely check into getting an Odyssey!! It’s well worth the money!

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