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The Pray-ers/Book 1 Troubles {CTM Publishing Atlanta}

The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles
Is your child looking for a new book or series to read? Are they into praying for others, for themselves or just praying for things in general? Olivia is really into reading good books that she won’t put down nor will she share them with other people. She is what you would call a book hoarder! There I said it! Now the whole world knows it…just kidding but she is an avid reader and loves to read new books. This book is like no other book she has read before. She found it like she was reading part of a devotional book and yet a book that she would have picked up in a bookstore or at the library. It’s called “The Pray-er/Book 1 Troubles” and it was published by CTM Publishing Atlanta and written by Mark S. Mirza.

The Pray-ers / Book 1 Troubles
This book was hard to get Olivia to read at first but once she picked the book up it was hard for her to put it down to do certain chores, sleep or even eat. She loves to read and loves to put herself into the story. When she was reading this book, she really got into the book as you could hear her get sad, upset, and laugh all in one chapter. She really began to ask me questions about how to pray and why we should continue to pray every day. This is something that we have always tried to teach her but before she was never interested in it. After she started to read this book, I noticed a change in her demeanor. She started to question certain things and she started to pray more. She started to read her Bible daily and started to understand that life isn’t about what we have but it’s about the troubles and trials that we go through as a child and as a person.

I personally love how the book takes you through what you may go through in life. It starts out with Angels and Demons and then each chapter it takes you through many characters troubles that they encounter. It brings you into the historical mode and yet you can still picture yourself within this book being one of the characters! This book reminds me gently that not everyone’s lives are made up of roses and peaches and that we all will endure our own troubles no matter how hard we try not to. This book is such a good book for a pre-teen or teenager to read because it will help them understand that maybe them not getting their favorite makeup or a new iPhone is all that important but that God himself is more important. We often think that no matter what challenges we go through, there are others out there who go through things that can and are a lot worse. There are children and teens that have gotten themselves into so much trouble that they don’t think there is any way out but there is. Accepting Jesus into their hearts is what we all want to do and that is how this book makes you think that no matter how hard you think it will be it can always be worse. I never thought a book could be so in depth and could have so much more meaning behind the story line but it can! As a parent and even a student I still feel like no matter how hard we try to protect our loved ones we can always get over things a lot better. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series as it is one that even I want to continue to read and allow Olivia to read it as well. I truly believe that this is a wonderful Christian Fiction book and series that I would want Olivia to continue to read!!!

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