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Is your child savvy on the internet? Do they like to get emails from their friends and family? It’s almost like they are independent but there are so many threats out there on the internet that it’s hard to keep them protected at all times. Now we have a solution for keeping up with Olivia’s email as we are now using for her main email and I feel so much better knowing that we are protecting her by using our Annual Subscription that we received to be able to review this product. Annual Subscription
I had used in the past for Olivia but had completely forgotten about it for a few years. I should have known better but it’s like life got super busy for us and I just forgot. The main thing that I love about allowing Olivia to use this email service is that I can protect her from the threats and predators out there who are preying on young children. I like how I can monitor her email and I can set up a few features that are wonderful for all parents to have for their children. One of the features that I love is that I can set time restrictions for when she can access her email. That means no emailing or getting her email in the middle of the night! Yes that has happened to us already with her using a regular email account we set up for her. Not good! And if they are grounded from using anything or the internet that means they will be grounded from their email as well. A simple solution for most parents out there! Annual Subscription
Next up that I love is no Ad’s! This is very important because you never know what kind of ad’s will pop up on their email accounts. I think this is a very safe and protected thing to have. Plus the parents have the option of viewing all of their child’s emails that they receive so you can really keep a check on what and who they are emailing. This is something I wish I had for Olivia back in May when she had pulled her little stunt she pulled. You can set up a contact manager to where your child can only email to the people who are on her contact list. No other person at all and this is a great way to protect our children for sure. also allows you to block people from sending any emails to your child or children. I love this idea! I’m sure Olivia would think otherwise but that’s her opinion and not mine.


When it comes to the different options that you have to choose from for the subscriptions they are as follows:

  • Trial: Try out for 30 days for free! This way you can try it out and see if it will work for you and your family!
  • Monthly: Pay $4.95 a month and receive 4 email accounts with your subscription.
  • Annual: Pay $38.95 annually and receive 6 email accounts with your subscription. This is the best value to get because you get more email accounts and will be able to keep your family safe.

You can use this for a teenager as well which is what we are going to be dealing with in about 6 months with Olivia. Perfect! I can still check and see what she is doing and writing to her friends! Be sure to check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ accounts. This is going to be my favorite email service to use with Olivia from now until she’s old enough to be in college! Annual Subscription
I did receive an Annual Subscription from and as part of the Homeschool Review Crew! All my opinions are 100% my own!

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