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As a homeschooling family, we often find it difficult to find good worksheets and such for us to use in conjunction with Olivia’s curriculum. In the past we have used the boxed curriculum but this year is much different! We instead have decided to shy away this year from those curriculum and decided to piece together our curriculum this year. But when we did that we lost a lot of the cool worksheets and things that we would have before. But have no fear because we are able to use again this school year and was able to be able to try the Help Teaching Pro Subscription for a year.

Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}
As a parent, I often think that I’m not giving Olivia enough things to do with her school work. I think to myself, how can I make her history more fun, or her math more enjoyable? Then I think to myself to just go online to and to use the worksheets and lessons that are there to help a homeschooling family out. I also watch my niece a few times during the week and while I have her here I will be guilty into giving her homework as well or worksheets that she can work on along side with Olivia. Both Olivia and Keali have fallen in love with the worksheets for sure and Olivia likes how you can be able to do self online lessons at her own pace, instead of what I would make her do. If she was still in public schools then we would have to worry about her not understanding the common core stuff or would have to worry about her not learning the lessons at her own pace. This website is very helpful indeed and we absolutely love having it to allow Olivia to continue working on her skills, language arts, science and other subjects just by me clicking print for her to work on.

Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}
When we have an appointment or two to go to, then printing out some fun worksheets for her to do while we sit there and wait is wonderful. The one thing that I love also about this site is that, I can set up an online test for Olivia to complete. I also love how she can play games and its fun learning and not boring learning as in the past as she called it. Help Teaching Pro Subscription would cost your family $24.95 a year but it includes everything that you will need to help your child or children to continue to learn. The Pro Plan also allows you to make up a test or a worksheet which is nice. I have made a few for Olivia since we are reading a book that really doesn’t have a study guide along with it. It’s nice because I know the answers and she has to figure them out on her own. Some of the subjects that you will find to help your child out is PE, Arts, Study Skills, Social Studies, Science and even Seasonal/Holiday’s. I love that if you have a large family all of you can use it from Early Education to Grade 12! We are in grade 6 now and it’s the best thing for those days I want to throw in something fun to use this website!! What more could you ask for? Be sure to check out their Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Accounts!!!


We did receive a year subscription to Help Teaching Pro Subscription to be able to complete my review as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew! All my opinions are 100% my own!

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