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Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend was Labor Day Weekend. It is our traditional weekend to head to Maryland and go to the Howell family reunion. It’s the weekend to travel and have fun with the family. But this past weekend we were dealing with Tropical Storm Hermine and on Friday I drove to Charlotte, NC to pick up Jason from his truck. We also went to Ikea where we got two tables to use in our little sitting area of the room and a few other things like drawing paper for Olivia for school projects. She has to do one today actually so the roll of paper we got for $4.99 will work just perfect! Then we headed back home and once we got into the Greensboro area it was non-stop rain for us. The storm was here and then gone but the next day it was pretty windy. I stayed in most of the day on Saturday working on my Corporate Finance homework and that was loads of fun. Not! But at least I understand it compared to last year! Jason left to head back to work on Sunday and drove his truck there. We didn’t have to get up and drive him which was nice. So now when he wants to come home from work every weekend he will get to enjoy driving home.


Sunday was the day we were supposed to have gone up to Maryland for the family reunion but we decided that after the long drive on Friday, I wasn’t up to another day in the car. I figured that we can go up anytime to visit with our family in Maryland! Another thing that Jason and I decided was we are going to be getting Olivia her service dog soon. I am today going to email the person I need to for the adoption of a dog and we will go from there. I can’t wait…but we will have to drive to San Antonio to pick the dog up in which I’m up for a road trip!

Olivia is doing great in school and this year is running much smoother than last year. I am giving her a little more independent work and she loves the responsibility that I have given her. This allows me to be able to do things around the house and also allows me to work on my homework as well. So with that said, she is finished with her 3 tests she had in History and I need to go grade them!

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