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College is back in Session

t’s hard to believe that my summer is up and it’s time for my college courses to begin again. I have decided to only do classes now part time as it was too difficult for me to do 4 classes in a semester so I decided to go ahead and take only 1 class per 8 weeks. This first 8 weeks I decided to retake Corporate Finance as I didn’t do so well in it last time. I have been working on the homework every day for several hours and I have been doing the problems at the back of each chapter as well. I feel like this is a good start for me and I just completed my textbook homework that is due on Monday. I feel like I have already accomplished something and didn’t rush in doing so. This is something that I am horrible about doing so I’m glad that I could go ahead and get it started. I don’t want to fail in this class so I am doing everything that I can to get a passing grade. Much better than the last time I did so.

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