Back to School

We started school a few weeks ago but then got the horrible news that we had a death in the family. It was hard for us all to get motivated to start back up so I waited until yesterday to get back to school!

So far we have done 6 tests in history and a quiz in reading. We began reading “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” yesterday and so far Olivia likes it. Yet yesterday she was complaining to me and couldn’t understand why she had to read it. For reading we are doing 7th grade level because she is so advanced in reading but we got a head start already. I will make it a point to go to the library once a week for her to get out new books. She will have them all read by the end of the week anyways so I am happy to allow her to go.

We had a great first day back and today we got started a little later than we planned to but it’s ok because she is getting things done! So here is to a great new school year and to learning so much! We haven’t really been anywhere for vacation this year and that ok with us. Maybe later this fall we will head to the condo and then we shall see what to do next.

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