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God Bless America Coloring Book Review

Ever since I was young, I have always loved art! When I first found out about the adult coloring books I was so excited! Here I was in my 30’s coloring out of a kids coloring book for years. Now I have my own coloring books to color in to help alleviate stress from homeschooling and more. This book that I received to review called, “God Bless America” is like no other and it has beautiful patriotic pictures to help me calm my stress down.

This book has so many pictures that even my daughter and her cousin loved to color in while we were at the Lake a few weeks ago. While it was storming out, we broke out the colored pencils and coloring books and this was one of the books that was fought over. I could not believe that they would fight over it but they did. This book has many pictures in it that even my mom commented on liking and wanted to join in the coloring feast! I can’t wait to get another one to take on my vacations when we go! Hopefully we will be going to the mountains to use our condo we have up there in October and this is something that I can’t wait to take up with me and enjoy the nice, crisp, cool mountain air!

I did receive this from Blogging for Books for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. All my opinions are 100% my own!

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