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This past month has come and gone and it’s hard to believe that starting tomorrow it will be August! I have thought long and hard about what my next post will be and I chose not to do it as a review. I have had a long hard trying month and we have gone on a mini vacation with my mom and niece. I have to say that while I appreciate the memories that we had at White Lake, NC; I think that this year may have been the last year we will go. When we were there we had some quite interesting things happen to us while being in the water so we decided that maybe we will go to the beach instead.

We arrived on a Saturday and while we were in the water…we happened to come across a snapping turtle that ended our swim for the day. Then the next day we decided to head into the lake at the campground and saw a dead fish here and there…and the more we were out in the lake the more dead fish we saw. That was the last time we tried to even swim. I didn’t feel like getting back in the water since it was full of dead fish. Nope not gonna happen! Then the next day we wanted to go in and it was storming most of the day and then stopped for a bit and while Keali tried to go swimming it ended quickly due to another nasty storm. Yep..we were done with the lake at that time. Olivia said that she wishes that the campground had a pool so she could go enjoy it so that means next year we will probably head to the beach instead with the girls. I’m down for that anyways because I love hanging out at the pool at Lakewood Campground in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Suprisingly we haven’t been to the actual beach this summer just yet. We have been dealing with lots of different doctor appointments and all that so just haven’t had time to go. Plus every other weekend Olivia goes to her dad’s so it’s messing with our schedule. Then we have already started school and it felt good to do so. I am looking forward to Jason coming home from the West Coast this coming week and getting to spend several days with him! I have missed him more than you will ever know. I am very glad he’s not in the military because I could not be that kind of wife!


We haven’t been on our family vacation this year and we are still trying to figure out where we want to go! Since I am unable to run the Half Marathon this year I decided that going to Disney in November was not going to happen. Plus I couldn’t find anything on my discount for while there. Then again we do have the week in the mountains that we can enjoy and that is still a big contender for our vacation…just with a little fun trips on the side. The condo is ours for the week in October so the decision needs to be made soon. Guess we will figure it out. As much as I’d love to go to Disney World this year maybe we will choose to go somewhere else instead. We shall see!

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