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FlipaZoo Review

Do your kids love collecting something? Olivia loves to collect stuffed animals! She has been fascinated with collecting them since she was little and everywhere we travel to or if there is something new, she has to get a new one. Something that was sent to us recently to review was something that Olivia saw on one of the channels she watches and told me that she really wanted a FlipaZoo but I had no idea what they were. Until I received it in the mail, I was clueless…but Olivia was super excited once we received it in the mail! She took it out and got so excited when she saw which one she received!


She has yet to let it go out of her sight and it even came on the camping trip we just took which was funny too because it became a pillow for her too. FlipaZoo is a toy that has 2 sides for everyone to enjoy! It’s a toy that has two different animals in one and Olivia loved how we received the Hippo and Giraffe! She fell in love with it and decided to even keep the names that came with the toy instead of renaming them like she normally does! Yes my child still does that! What a big imagination she has still and I love that about her too! FlipaZoo is located in Walmart’s across the country right now and starting in August they will be available at the following retailers: Target, Toys”R”Us, Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kmart and more retailers! I love the fact that we have seen them in our local Walmart and Olivia has come to me and asked for the Unicorn one and another few ones which of course we told her to please hold off since Christmas will be here before you know it!


This would be a perfect gift for a child who has a birthday coming up, a student who may be going away to college to help remind them of home or for even Christmas! Even parents may want one or two of them! They are the perfect toy to take with you on car rides as they can be used for pillows too which is what Olivia does in the van and we have since put a small blanket in the back of the van as well to keep her warm in case she gets chilly! This no matter what the occasion may be, is the perfect gift for anyone of any age! The cost of the toy is $19.99 each which I feel is a perfect amount considering that we actually paid a lot more for some of her other stuffed animals! And for double the fun, if you order any FlipaZoo online off the official website, then they will send you a Free “Little Flipzee” for pocket sized fun! Check out their Facebook Page!

You’ll Flip for Them! They’ll Flip for You!


We received a FlipaZoo free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. All our opinions are 100% our own!

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