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Patriotic Penmanship- Grade 6 (cursive) Review

Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books Review}
We have been working hard on getting Olivia to learn cursive but she has been struggling and we felt that since this coming up year since she will be officially in 6th Grade we will continue to work on cursive with her. We will be working on another cursive program with her over the summer and then we will be doing Patriotic Penmanship-Grade 6 (cursive) written by Mary Ellen Tedrow and offered by Laurelwood Books. We have done one the first lesson just to see how she would like it and so that she can continue to practice when we begin to use the book in the fall!

Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books Review}
I was very pleased when we first received the book in the mail because we received a nice little note along with the order. Also the book was so nicely printed up and was so nicely done inside. I love each lesson that is included in the book as it is not just one page long and it is actually two pages long. It has a quote at the very top, verse from a song or saying by someone. Then it goes into showing your child or children how to draw the letter in either print if that is what your child is working on or cursive. Olivia is working on cursive so that is what she will be working on this coming school year still. Then the child will write each part of the quote or whatever is written in cursive at the top. Each word actually several times on their own line. I like that very much as it pays very good attention to detail unlike several other handwriting or penmanship books we have tried in the past. Some only asked the child to work on the whole sentence at once and while that may be fine for some children but for a child who has sensory issues like Olivia, this book works just perfect for her! She is excited to do this book all year long! Then after doing each word separate, they will write the full quote together! That is perfect for her and is perfect for any child who is just like Olivia! I might even do this book along side with her just to practice on my handwriting skills some since it’s been years since I have done cursive on lines like the book has for years!!!

Another thing that I love about this book is when she is ready to move up to the next grade level we can. Patriotic Penmanship has books starting at Grade 1 and goes up to Grade 9-12. We would be using Grade 7-8 next year which would be Jr. High age group and would be cursive still. This is a good thing because if Olivia was still in Public School she would still not know how to even read cursive!!! They stopped teaching cursive the year that common core came out which happened to be the same year that Olivia started third grade. That’s horrible in my books! But since we decided to Homeschool it was the best decision we could have ever made! We are able to do whatever we want as far as her curriculum goes and we can travel if we chose to! But I’m off topic again…what’s new! So back to Patriotic Penmanship…This book is amazing and we love it so much! I have even suggested it to several of my other homeschool friends to check it out at the local homeschool store as I saw it there the other day while I was there shopping for 13.95 just the same price as they have it online for! You should check out their Facebook Page for some pretty cool things!

I did receive this book for free in exchange for an honest review from Laurelwood Books and as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew!

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