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New Van!

Well we did it! We finally broke down and bought a new van! I love it because I can fit a total of 8 people in the van comfortably and when I put Brayden’s car seat in the back I love how I can bring it up closer to me if I need to. Last night we had gone for a long ride and I moved him a little closer to me because he wasn’t feeling very good and he loved still being able to watch the movie that was playing. Even though he screamed all through the movie. I got him a movie for the van and so he didn’t have to watch what the girls wanted to watch anymore. They had to watch paw patrol and more. Haha

There will be no more screaming ofhe’s touching  me or I don’t want to sit next to him. Both girls will have to sit next to him or they will not go anywhere! We can’t wait to go to the zoo soon and on our daily trips this summer! We are very blessed to have this new van!

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