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Summer is Here!

Now that summer is here…may not be official but we know it’s here because it’s HOT outside! The temps aren’t going down any and the storms are just like they normally are in the summer. Long and terrifying! But with that said, I am happy to say that we are going on a mini vacation even if it’s just for a few days! We are heading up to PA for a few days to visit with some of Jason’s friends and we are excited to do so! Of course I’m excited because I’m going to pick up Jason from the Airport on Sunday evening and I haven’t seen him for 2 months now! This is just what I have wanted! He will be home for our anniversary!


We had tried to make plans to head to Disney for our vacation but since we are going in November and I may not be able to run the race after all is a little heart breaking for me. I know we have Olivia all signed up for the race that Saturday but honestly I’m almost tempted on changing the week we go all together! I’m just not feeling like going since I won’t be able to race. I’m going to check and see if there is any way that I can defer my race to say another race like Princess Half Marathon or another race at Disney. I just am a little sad that I may not be able to take part in the race I have been training for after all. That is different story I’m not willing to get into just yet but it breaks my heart. If we can go in say December that would make it even better in my opinion! But we shall see when we can go after all.


Guess I will have to wait and see what happens at a few of the doctor appointments I have to go to. I will have to see if they give me permission to run it or even walk it. Not sure if they will or not at this point. But let’s all have a good rest of the week! Off to go grab my registration out of my van because I have to go get a temporary tag or registration just to be able to go ahead and get the car fixed! yay!

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