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Give Me Liberty E-Guide Review

Does your child like to read? Are you doing a box curriculum or putting a curriculum together this year? This coming up school year we have decided to do away with the box curriculum and to do a completely different curriculum and we are going to be doing lots of study guides this year. I was super excited when we were given the opportunity to review Give Me Liberty E-Guide by Progeny Press. We have been wanting to read this book “Give Me Liberty” this coming up school year and decided to read it before hand instead.

Literature Study Guides from a Christian Perspective {Progeny Press Review}
This book is so good to read and understand history. This is something that Olivia has enjoyed reading on her own but also to do the E-Guide for the book as well. We have never done one before like this one and it was pretty fun to do as well. We decided to go to the local library to get the book “Give Me Liberty” so that we could go ahead and do the study guide. We do plan on rereading this book this school year and redoing the E-guide as well so we have added the book to our list to purchase for our home library. This book was so well written and it really made Olivia think more into history than she has thought of before. This E-Guide is good for children who are in grades 6-8 and since Olivia is advance in her reading this was something that I felt that she could easily read this year. The study guide is well written by Carol Clark who was a school teacher before and I really felt like this study guide was written with the children in mind.

One thing that I loved about the study guide is that it gave a little information about the author of “Give Me Liberty” and gave a little background information on the book and history. This is something that really wanted me to allow Olivia to read this book again in the school year because it was something that we will cover again in her history this coming school year. I also love how Carol Clark has added some prereading items in the E-Guide as well which is something that I haven’t seen in any other study guides that goes along with other books before. This was something that really brought me to enjoy this e-guide more. We do plan on visiting Williamsburg, Virginia this coming school year so this is again another perfect book to read just before we go there. I would love to take Olivia to Colonial Williamsburg and to Jamestown to learn more about what is there and the history that happened there. This book goes just along with the history of it. Olivia told me that when we read the book again she wants to allow her American Girl Doll Felicity to read along with us since she was based off of the Williamsburg Era as well.


The E-Guide itself is well written and I love how it includes vocabulary in the lessons as well. We read the book quickly this past time but the next time we read it we will be taking our time more and working on all of the lessons in the E-Guide. I love how each part is separate and it is easy to follow along with the guide. Olivia says she is looking forward to reading it again and doing the guide more. We even plan on having Olivia do all of the questions as well instead of just inserting the vocabulary in the appropriate spaces. This is something that will help Olivia learn more about what she is reading. Another thing that I love about this E-Guide is that it incorporates the Bible into it and Bible Verses. This is something that I have been wanting to find in a study guide and this is one that I can feel comfortable in doing with Olivia. Plus the fact that we can do an activity along side with the guide makes it even more fun for Olivia to do. I love the book “Give Me Liberty” and this E-Guide is no different! This is well written! You should definitely check out their Facebook page and Twitter page as well just to keep up with the updates they have! I love this Study Guide and actually plan on getting more Study Guides from Progeny Press this school year! Olivia loves how they are written! They have several more guides for all different grade levels which is something that I love as a parent!


We were able to review Give Me Liberty E-Guide as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew for free! All our opinions are 100% my own!

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