She Can Walk!

Olivia went to the Orthopedist last Thursday to see the fate of if she could walk on her foot yet or not. They took another x-ray of her foot to see how the healing process of it was going and to see if she was going to be able to walk on it or have to stay on the crutches some more. She got the go ahead to get rid of the crutches and to start walking on her foot. She was really scared and nervous to start doing so while there in the office so she waited until she was home to do so. She goes back to the Dr on June 3rd to see if she can get rid of the boot or if it needs to stay on for a few more weeks. She still has a lot of swelling and bruising within her foot and I thought that she would not have as much with the bruising. Especially since we are a month out from the accident happening.

Last Friday was her Homeschool Field Day and we were afraid she wasn’t going to be able to join in some of the activities and not have fun. She did get to join in several of the activies and she had a blast! She even met several new friends which was a fun time for her and there was another Olivia which was fun for both of them as they both were just a like. Crazy I know! Olivia even won 3rd place in the crab walk which was easy for her since she didn’t have to put any pressure on her foot. Just her heel. She has continued to make progress on her healing with her foot as she continues to heal slowly. Each day comes with a new challenge. Today she so far hasn’t had much pain but we also haven’t done much either which has been nice.

We also are finished with school and have been for several weeks now. She will take her final test for school on June 7th in Wilson for the State and there isn’t much she can do to prepare for it. She does however continue to work on math as it still is a challenge for her but she still loves it! Also we will continue to do it over the summer which works for us! Another thing is we plan on going to the local homeschool store to put all of our book up on consignment and look and see what books of ours didn’t sell from last year and take them home. Hopefully I will be able to sell them instead. ? Also going to look around tomorrow at a few new choices for next years curriculum choices as well. We are still debating on doing Abeka or BJU. Still not sure yet of which ones.

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