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ARTistic Pursuits Inc Review

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review

The one thing that I was able to cherish while attending public school was the art program! I have always enjoyed it and it seems that Olivia too has picked up in enjoying it as much as I love it! We were lucky enough to be chosen to review “4-5 Book One” from ARTistic Pursuits Inc.

ARTistic Pursuits Inc. Review
As most of you know by now just from reading what happened to Olivia, she broke her foot! She has been miserable for almost two weeks and yet she still looks forward to working on her Art lessons for the day! I have found that ARTistic Pursuits Inc., have come up with an easy way to make the child understand and want to learn art. Art is something that should be offered to everyone and honestly even if you are horrible at drawing, it’s just being creative that an Art teacher is looking for.
The book we received to review was 4-5 Book one which is the perfect book for Olivia. She may not be the best in drawing, but she loves to color things in and blend and this was something that I enjoyed about her using the book. It’s not only informational but it’s encouraging as well. This book is recommended for ages 9+ and is about 92 pages long. Olivia said that she loved how it was easy to turn the pages and how she got to enjoy the lessons she has completed already because the book stayed put compared to some of the other books we have tried.

The other thing that k loved about this book was that each lesson is mapped out which I love.  I love how the book incorporates the history of art as well into the lessons in which I find to be very good. I loved it when I would learn about the history of a piece of art when I was in school and this was always very interesting to me. Olivia has found that it is interesting and intriguing to her in which she wants to continue to learn about more art. She has enjoyed learning to draw several of the pictures or trying to attempt to draw the pictures that are shown in the book and I have been able to teach her to blend with her color pencils and with some other pencils I had for years that my granddad gave to me, so being able to hand them down to Olivia made it all worth it to me in saving them. I am super thrilled that she is learning her line shapes, her techniques on how to draw and color and her art history. Growing up I always wanted to be either an Art Teacher or a Dance Teacher and when I didn’t become either one of them growing up, being a teacher to Olivia in homeschooling her and now am her art teacher makes me really happy. She looks forward to each day to do one or two lessons of art and tells me she can’t wait until next year when she can move onto the next book. This is a subject we plan on doing all summer long because it keeps her intrigued and it also keeps her busy! Let her continue to learn as she enjoys the summer! Please check out their Facebook page to see what else you can find that you will love about the books! They have many other books that may fit your child better!

I did receive a copy of this book from ARTistic Pursuits Inc. and part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew! All my opinions are my own!

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