Broken Foot

This past Thursday night, I had ask Olivia to go downstairs to get a flashlight just in case the power decided to go out. We were dealing with some pretty good thunderstorms and the power was flickering already. So it was just a matter of time of when it would go out. As she was headed downstairs, she made the decision to not turn the lights on like she usually does and ended up missing the bottom two steps of the stairs. She lost her balance when she hit the floor in the hallway and the hit the door or door jam that leads into the office. She had a good bubble on the side of her right foot and was crying some but I missed it all. I was upstairs in the playroom where it is kind of sheltered from the rest of the house to hear anything.

Olivia was gone for quite a while and I thought she just forgot. All I heard as far as background noise was cracks of thunder and ever now and then the dog barking back at the thunder. Then Olivia appeared dragging her foot along with an ice pack only for me to look at the foot and notice the bruising on the side of the right foot and the swelling. I could tell it was already broken and we waited it out until the morning to go see her doctor. They sent her for X-rays and then to the orthopedist that afternoon and sure enough it was broken. She is non-weight bearing for 3 weeks and she then will return on May 20th to see how much longer she has to be in the Aircast boot. Looks like the start of summer she will be taking it easy.


Each day day is a new challenge for her. She struggles to do an easy task for most like just standing up to brush her teeth or to use the bathroom by herself. Taking a shower on her own requires 2 people to help her and taking a bath requires help too. She is upset she cants go out and ride her bike and she can’t participate in her first homeschool field day. I’m helping out with the field day as I’m I’m the committee but I’m hoping I can find something for her to help out with or to participate in. If anything she can be my helper! A few of my friends children have broken a few bones this week as well and I pray for healing and comfort over them as well. It’s never easy seeing your child hurt and in pain. I have cried a few times this past few days because I have felt helpless over how to help Olivia with the pain. I have prayed for comfort for her and for her to be pain free. Jason has made it to the west coast and will be there for about a month and a half and it has been hard but I know he is doing this for our family! I’m glad we have iPhones so we can FaceTime!

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