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Writers in Residence Review

Olivia has always loved English and writing, but trying to read her own handwriting is crazy. She isn’t strong in that way because of her Autism Spectrum Disorder and her ADHD and well sometimes her writing can be a little off in general. We were lucky enough to try out Writers in Residence from Apologia Educational Ministries.

Apologia: Writers in Residence Review
This is an amazing 4 day per week course that you do with your child and it is laid out in a manner that the child is able to do the lessons in no time. Olivia enjoyed the lessons and is still enjoying the lessons. We use these lessons in addition to her regular lesson in English and Handwriting to help her get some extra lessons in helping her with her writing. I love how this incorporates the Bible into the writing and the lessons which when we started up with finding a Homeschool curriculum that was on high on the list.

Apologia: Writers in Residence Review
The student text book is an all in one book that is the text book and the workbook all in one. I really like that because sometimes going from one book to another for Olivia can get to be just too much for her. This is good for students who are in grades 4th through 6th grades and this is perfect for Olivia to work on this year and next year. The lessons are sometimes quick and easy for Olivia and then some days they can be long for her to do. We sometimes will have to split them up into two different days for her because her hand will get tired from writing but this is something that she struggles with and the OT knows about it and we are currently working on it with her right now. Not only did we get the Student Textbook and Workbook but we also got the Answer Key as well. This was a nice surprise because we didn’t have to worry about having to come out of pocket for this or trying to go online and find the answer key. I like having this book because we can have all the answers to the questions that are needed for Olivia to the answers that she might have had to answer. Also I love the fact that both books coinside with each other and that is awesome!


You can purchase this product online as a set for $89.00 and I think that is a perfect price considering if you purchase them separate then it will cost you a total of $80 for the Textbook/Workbook and $15 for the Answer Key. So you are saving some money here. Apologia Educational Ministries is a wonderful company for educational purposes. We have used them for science before but had to switch Olivia because she already knew all the answers to everything she was learning in the book. Figures especially since it was on Animals. They believe in the teaching of the Bible and the teachings of Christ and we as parents believe in allowing these teachings to be taught to our children. I did receive Writers in Residence for free as a review as part of Schoolhouse Review Crew. Please check out their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram Pages for more information too!

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