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Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}
Math has always been a difficult subject for Olivia to do ever since she entered the 3rd grade when we moved to the Fayetteville area back in 2012. She struggled for so long to be able to get caught up and when we moved back to the Nashville area in 2014. It wasn’t until just this year for her to fully understand what was going on in math thanks to me homeschooling her. But thanks to us being able to review several different math programs such as this one called Math Mini-Courses by A+ Interactive Math that has been able to keep Olivia interested and focused in learning math. Especially the two things she has struggled in such as fractions another mini math course.

Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}
Olivia has been doing the Advanced Fractions because she pretty much knew the early fractions because she mastered that early on in elementary school. But the older she got, the harder the fractions became for her to do. She couldn’t understand how you would add them, divide them and multiply them. They just became more difficult for her to even look at them and tell them apart. A+ Interactive Math has made these lessons so easy for Olivia to understand them. She isn’t frustrated with learning fractions anymore and she is excited to get online and do a lesson or two now. The videos are really helpful to her to watch but also we love the PDF format as well because we can print them out and we can go over it and reread them together or if we are running short on time I will print off a few for her to do including the worksheets while on our way to Occupational Therapy and that will be her math for the day. Sometimes when we have OT or another appointment in Greenville, it will be a long day but those days we don’t do lessons. So printing out lessons to do on the road or when we are waiting in the waiting rooms. This is perfect for this kind of day.

Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}
The other lesson that we got to try out is the Elementary and Middle School Division which is really nice. Since Olivia has started working on division and is finally understanding it. She loves the videos on this one and the printouts on it because it makes it fun and easy to use. She loves to work on these lessons because she thinks that they are fun because she has struggled with division for years now. She never could get it when they first started to teach it in the 3rd grade in public schools which in my opinion is too soon. They went from just learning adding and subtracting to full blown multiplying and division all in a month or so. Not very fair under the Common Core! This is a keeper for Olivia to continue to use!

There are other lessons that A+ Interactive Math offers besides the ones that we got to try. Some of the other lessons that are offered are Elementary Geometry, Time, Money, Counting and Identifying Numbers and more. There are Mini Courses available and there are Family Packages available too. I was offered two Mini-Courses that are active for a year online to review for free from A+ Interactive Math and as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Please check out their Facebook Page, Twitter Page, and Pinterest Page for more information! We love this program and mini-courses! We highly recommend to everyone!

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