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Where is the Warm Weather?

Now that spring time is here…I’m wondering where the warm weather has gone to? It’s has turned quite chilly here the past few weeks and we are missing the warmer weather. We are missing it bad. We miss being able to wear our shorts and flip flops out everywhere we go and instead having to opt for our jeans, tennis shoes and possible long sleeves too. I miss it being warm and so does Olivia. This weather is killing us too because with it continuing to change it means that we will continue to get sick. Olivia just got over a sinus infection a few weeks ago and now has a massive double ear infection. Boo! So we are trying to clear that up with essential oils and of course using antibiotics.


Then we have the nasty pollen that we are having to deal with. I feel like trying to wash my car is not even going to work. I park under the cherry blossom tree so yeah, it’s not going to stay clean for long. So until the pollen is gone…I’m not going to clean it anytime soon.

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