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Talking Fingers Review

Talking Fingers Inc. Review
One thing that I remember growing up in Public Schools is learning to type. I remember learning to type in the 6th and 7th grade in computer class on the computer with the teaching software that would tell you which key to press and it would praise you as you got it correct. I would never forget that as I got older and I was so grateful in getting that help when I was younger because to this day I can now type pretty fast because of that computer program that I got to use in Middle School in Maryland but now a days that is not even introduced in the schools around North Carolina. I was lucky enough though to introduce Talking Fingers Inc. to Olivia for her to try out Read, Write & Type for one year online subscription!

Talking Fingers Inc. Review
We got started right away and Olivia was excited to get started on this and learning to type. She had gotten a head start before when she was in public school before but had forgotten how to keep her fingers on the keypad of the computer and how to not look at the keyboard as well. After using Read, Write & Type for about a week she was really enjoying the program! She loved how it made it fun for her to use and it didn’t make it feel like she was learning compared to how she was having fun instead! She loved how each letter was its own story and how it told a story of it’s own. She kept pushing a key just to see what kind of story it would tell. This was something that before she would have never done because the keyboard never came to life before. It was before just a boring old keyboard to her. Now it’s an adventure for her to continue to look at and enjoy and that is what she wants to continue to do! She wants to continue to learn in everything that she does! Talking Fingers isn’t just for once child, it can be used for multiple children which is nice to know. So if you have more than one child who needs to learn, then this is the program for you! This can be used on either a PC or a Mac computer! We use both computers if that helps out!

Talking Fingers Inc. Review
This program can be used for a child with special needs, can also be used for a child who is just learning English as their second language as well. This is such a knowledgeable program to use to help a child to learn to read as well. I mean to have a child to help to learn to read, write a word or story and also to type is amazing. I only wish they had this when I was growing up! I guess they didn’t because then maybe I would have been deemed way too lazy for many things but there also wasn’t too many technological things out there either. This would have been a wonderful tool out there to help out in the ESL class or the Special Ed classes that we had in middle school or even to our next door neighbors whose son was autistic! This program has already helped Olivia bring a few stories to life that she couldn’t think of to tell us and I can only imagine what kind of stories it would help bring to those children who are nonverbal! We did receive a one year online subscription to Read, Write & Type as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew Team! You can also check out Talking Fingers Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter Accounts!

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