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The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
Now that Olivia has overcome her fear of doing math using different programs to help Olivia is even better for her. She loves math now and isn’t afraid to try new things out. We have been lucky enough to use several different programs for Olivia to help supplement her learning everyday and using Times Tales by The Trigger Memory Co. has not been any different. Olivia now has a firm grasp on how to do multiplication but adding this into the mix while she is working on her division has helped out tremendously just to keep multiplication in her mind.

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
Times Tales is such a great program to use for children who want to learn the multiplication or are having a difficult time remembering how to do it. Olivia was having a difficult time at one point in learning the times table so that is where this program came in handy for us. She now has a full grasp on how it goes and how it will always be. We were provided with a digital download of the program which included a fun new approach on how to learn multiplication! I had been teaching it to Olivia just as I was taught it but this way is a lot more fun for her and she enjoyed it so much! This digital download had two different parts to it compared to the DVD in which it is all included in one spot, plus we could watch it anytime on the computer while away from a TV or DVD player which can be useful since we travel a lot. It also included in the digital download some printables which comes in several different PDF files that you can print and give to your child or children to complete. Some of these files included crossword puzzles, tests, puzzles (one of Olivia’s favorites) and flashcards which came in handy for Olivia while we traveled. We also made different flashcards for Olivia and laminated them for her to use while at her dad’s house which came in handy quite often.

The Trigger Memory Co REVIEW
This program will be excellent for any student who is struggling in math and especially in multiplication. It can be used as a primary lesson or can be used to help out your child who may be having trouble learning it another way. This can be used also for children who have a learning disability as well. I wish this had been out when I was learning multiplication because I struggled with learning it as well. I of course had a learning disability in math due to the series of seizures I had as a child but any child who may not sit still during a regular lesson will be able to sit still through this program. Olivia has ADHD and most days will not sit still during any lesson, but with Times Tales she will sit through it because it actually does fun games with your child such as a game show to help them learn the material. This is something that I wish some of my own college course had. I truly love this product for Olivia to help keep it on her brain and fresh in her mind so that when the end of the year testing comes she won’t be struggling with the math portion! Next year we will be back on track with the grade levels and this will be awesome for her to keep up with. The cost of the digital download is $19.95. Check out their facebook page as well for more information.


I highly recommend this product to any parent, teacher, or grandparents for their children or students. You don’t even have to be a homeschooler to use this program. This will help any child at any age to be able to help with their times tables or just as a refresher. I watched several of these lessons and had fun relearning what I have forgotten for years considering everything I do now uses a calculator in college! I did receive a complimentary digital download of this program from The Trigger Memory Co. and as a Schoolhouse Review Crew member!

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