Service Dog for Olivia

In the past few months we have been told by Olivia’s therapist that she needs a Service dog to help her with her anxiety and a few other issues she has. One is the sleepwalking issue where we normally will find her in random places throughout the house. We went to our best friends home last week and their Aussie got Olivia back into bed and laid on top of her so she wouldn’t move and we thought that getting one would be perfect for her until we started doing some additional research on them. While these dogs do make great therapy dogs, service dogs they can been a little too high strung for the training. It may been harder to train them compared to a Lab or a Golden Retriever so as much as we’d love to have an Aussie, Olivia has chosen to get a chocolate lab! The name she chose is super cute but we haven’t picked a puppy for her just yet. This is going to be a good thing for her because she has been needing a dog to help her through her social anxiety and other anxiety issues she has.


One reason we chose to go with a service dog and not a therapy dog is that we can take the service dog anywhere with us! That means that when we go to Disney World or anywhere else we need to go with her. This can be a good thing for her because when it comes time to putting her back into school, she can have a good school year with the help of her dog. A therapy dog we would not be able to bring anywhere with us unless it’s to therapy sessions but other than that no. Plus if we went on vacation and couldn’t take the dog then we would have to board it. Not fun at all. Yes we know we board Yoda all the time but he can been a little too wired to take on a vacation like camping or anything else. He has to be in his crate when we go over to other friends homes and this would not be fun for even our therapy dog to have to stay in one. So instead we decided that the service dog is perfect for our needs. I have researched on how to get the dog we get trained without having to go onto a wait list. This is a blessing for us and we are right now just looking at the breeders in the North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia area. If you know of anywhere or any breeder that comes to your mind within those areas please let me know!

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