Essential Oils

Why We Love Essential Oils!

I wanted to write up a post about why we love using Essential Oils in our home. We have been dealing with for years especially myself with sickness and immune system issues. I was first introduced to Essential Oils probably a year ago but never thought I could use them. I always came up with an excuse as of why I couldn’t use them but then I got smart and started doing research on using them about 6 months or so ago. I first got started in using them when I started doing a lot of product reviews. I have found several that smell absolutely horrible in the quality of them but have found several and paying even extra money for that I love and they smell so pure. I started using them more and more and then my best friend introduced me to doTERRA Essential Oils and using On Guard and the benefits of it. I thought to myself there is no way we can afford them right now and so I didn’t purchase any until just before I left for my AEP Disney Trip in January and have fallen in love with using them more often than turning to over the counter products. I would rather try to use something that is better for my health than trying to use something that may cause harm to my body. The pro’s and cons were weighed out and I found that using the Essential Oils has not only helped my mood but has helped my pocket too. I haven’t had to go to the doctors as often since using them and I have noticed that a lot of the things I was going to the doctor for were for small things anyways. I love using doTERRA’s On Guard especially when we are sick because I feel so much better and it’s a protective blend meaning it will protect us a little more when it comes to trying to avoid getting sick. Now it doesn’t mean that I won’t get sick but maybe not as bad. That’s a plus! Then I love using Peppermint to help boost my mood and also for my headaches. Then there is wild orange which puts me in a good mood and helps me calm down some too. I have been looking to add to my collection and actually need to purchase more On Guard soon as my 5ml bottle is almost gone. I diffuse it often at night along with Breathe to help with our breathing at night. I am so thankful I have been able to use Essential Oils and I plan on continuing to use them. I even brought them along with me on my trip but I wish I had brought my diffuser so I could diffuse while I was there. I do plan on getting another one as well to help me with that.

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