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The Dragon and The Raven Review

The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}
Olivia has never listened to an audio book before or audio adventure until just recently when we were chosen to review “The Dragon and The Raven” by Heirloom Audio Productions. As soon as we received the package in the mail she wanted to open it up and listen to it. She loves to read books but listening to this little adventure has been quite fun to her. She gets to think about how it all is going or how it would look if she was apart of the story. She even took up drawing up pictures to imagine herself in the story as well. I have never seen her actually do that before which is a big improvement in how she was before where she would just read the books she liked and enjoyed but adding the audio to it has helped her use her imagination even more. She often will listen to the discs when she was supposed to be cleaning her room and yet she just never seemed to because she would drift off into daydream land and would tell me she was in the adventure herself.


The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}
As a parent to a child whose imagination can run wild no matter what situation she is in, this review has seemed to be one of the best ones she has enjoyed doing. She loves using her imagination to think that she too was on a viking ship and that she was the one in charge. She told me that the story often reminds her of one of the rides that used to be at Disney World and she was sad it was gone. Of course to her the reasoning behind her telling me that was because she wanted to ride it again and act like she was on the viking ship as in the story. I love how she continues to grow in how she listens to others and takes that upon how she would act as if she was right there in the story. We also received extras that we were able to take advantage of while we were reviewing this product. Some of the extras that we received were the complete The Dragon and The Raven eStudy guide, a beautiful printable verse that we loved and have hung up in our homeschool room, The Dragon and The Raven downloadable Soundtrack, unlimited access to the Live Adventure Letter Newsletter, G.A. Henty’s original The Dragon and The Ravens E-book, and more. Some of the actors in this adventure are John Ryhs-Davies, Helen George, Brian Blessed, Sylvester McCoy, John Bell and Katherine Kellgren.

The eStudy guide includes questions for each track. We loved how it has about 40 questions with the study guide and we used it well. I actually printed out several of the pages and allowed Olivia to do a few of them. We plan on using the study guide more later this year but for now we allowed her to do a few that she had interest in.

There are other adventures that you can purchase from Heirloom Audio Productions that we have been thinking of getting. Can’t wait for Olivia to continue listening to this adventure and having fun. Be sure to check out Heirloom Audio Productions Facebook Page, Twitter, and Google + accounts. Plus check out The Dragon and The Raven’s Facebook Page and The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty’s Facebook Page too.

The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}
We received a copy of this audio adventure from Heirloom Audio Productions and Schoolhouse Review Crew!

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