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I have been using my essential oils like crazy to try and stay healthy this winter but unfortunately I have fallen sick. Ugh. I finally went to the doctor today after being sick for 3 weeks and was told that I have a sinus infection and bronchitis. Yuck! I have been put back on antibiotics and have been told to do my inhaler, another inhaler that has steroids in it and my nebulizer. I knew this was going to happen but honestly thought I had pneumonia instead of bronchitis. I feel horrible and am extremely sleepy.

We did however just get back in town after going out for a few days with the hubby and it was super fun and I miss the weather in Houston and Dallas! I was wearing my flip flops and now I am back in long sleeves instead. I am also going to write a little write up on my trip to Florida last month and can’t believe it’s been a whole month since I was there. Feels just like it was yesterday I was traveling down there for the Agent Education Program. I learned a lot while there and wanted to write up a few things that I would love for you all to know about Walt Disney World!

Now it’s time to go rest and spend the evening with my hubby. He leaves out tomorrow to head to Dallas and then back to NC. So I will miss him so much!

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