Busy in Homeschool World!

Homeschool lately has been going really well for us. We are settling into our lessons a lot better these days and it’s been nice to just get Olivia’s things done for each day! Here are a few things that we have been noticing in school for Olivia.

  • Math is going wonderful!! She absolutely loves Math-U-See and I have a feeling that we will be starting up with a new one starting next year. I have also noticed that she loves math again which is a blessing considering she hated it last year and at the beginning of this year! Yes! We might be right on track now!
  • English is going great as well! Today she will write her first essay and is excited about doing so. This is a big adjustment from last year when she didn’t like it and didn’t understand it. I can’t really blame anyone for her not liking it because last year at the first part of the year she was on a medication that made her sleep during the day at school. She is now on the right medication and is doing wonderful. 
  • Spelling..we have been a little slow on this one and we will be starting back on it today. She is excited to do so as well because she loves spelling. 
  • Social Studies or Heritage Studies is going great. She is learning a lot this year and we have even been able to skip a few lessons because she learned it last year and the year before. Sometimes I just go over them as a refresher for her.
  • Science is her best subject yet! She loves it and knows her science! We have been able to skip several lessons because she knows it all too well. This is a big plus for her and she excels in it so much. Next year is 7th grade for her!
  • Reading is another strength for Olivia. I’ve noticed she gets bored with the lessons so I have been incorporating her reading a book like Little House on The Prairie and she will be required to do a book report on it afterwards. We will be going over how to write a book report soon. 
  • Wordly Wise we have slowly stopped for a while but will be picking this up very soon if not today. She knows her stuff and loves it. This is a nice advantage to her having vocabulary now. 
  • Handwriting is a struggle for her. She has issues with holding the pencil the correct way and honestly it gets to a point she ends up crying. I have stopped doing the handwriting 6 that we originally got for her and she is working on handwriting lessons out of a new book that I got to review. She loves it!
  • Bible is another favorite for her! I’m so glad that she has done a wonderful job in this class. We are actually ahead in the class and we will be beginning the Christmas lessons soon probably in the next week or so. 
  • Art. I have incorporated a few things to help her with her art. She is very artistic and I want her to continue that. Today we plan on starting a new art project if she can get finished with her lessons in a timely manner. 

I am so blessed to have such a smart little girl and I am biased on that point. She has done so well so far and if we continue to get caught up on the other lessons then we will definitely be doing 7th grade with her next year. We still are looking at homeschooling her next year unless she wants to go back into school. Then it will be private school for her until she graduates! We love her ability to continue to learn and we don’t have any planned field trips unless it’s with the other homeschoolers in the area. We love what we do and how we do school. Today is lessons in our PJ’s day! 

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