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Ozeri Ultra 42″ Wind Fan Review

This fan is very quiet and is very nice to have instead of having to run the ceiling fan all the time. My husband keeps the ceiling fan on high all year long and this fan has been a nice addition to the bedroom because when he is gone I like to run this one on the low speed and it still keeps me cool enough and gets enough air moving inside the room to where I don’t need the extra fan from above. I normally wake up in the middle of the night and will turn the ceiling fan off but I love this fan because it has a remote and there is no need to get up from bed to turn it down or off!

It was very easy to put together and it sits nice on the carpet in our bedroom. This fan shows the temperature in the room it is in and it does osculate which I like having the option of turning on or off if I choose to. I like the different figures of this fan as well when it comes to the modes like an outdoor breeze, night time breeze or just a fan. I normally will just put it on the night time breeze at night and allow myself to fall asleep listening to the white noise of the fan and the breeze blowing on me. I plan on using this for when we go camping this summer and when we do go on vacations to Florida. This will make a nice addition to the house for sure and I am thinking that for the price I can get my sister one as well for a gift for her home in South Carolina.

I did receive this for free as a product review in return for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own!

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