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Omega-3 Supreme Fish Oil 1400mg Pill Review

My doctor is always telling me that since I don’t want to take high cholesterol medication that I should take a fish oil pill instead. I haven’t for years because of the after taste I would get in taking one that I really didn’t want to take one. Then I found the Omega-3 Supreme and fell in love with it. The pills do not leave an after taste in my mouth or breathe that would not want me to stop taking them and I have a new found sense of energy! Personally I found that I really like taking these pills and I like how small they are compared to the others I have taken in the past. The one thing that I have trouble with is getting some pills to go down without getting stuck and with these oval shaped pills they do not! Score in my opinion!

These are a keeper and I do plan on getting another bottle when I run out! I am on a small vacation now and forgot them at home and I have no energy at all. I miss that and I wish I had brought them with me! I highly suggest these to you if you have high cholesterol or just need something to add to your diet. All you do is take 2 pills with one of your meals a day and that is it. I like it a lot better and a lot easier to remember. I got mine off of Amazon and I plan on getting another once this bottle is gone. Here’s to praying my cholesterol is getting down from where it is now!

I did receive a Free bottle from Life&Food in return for an honest, unbiased review. All opinions are 100% my own!

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